Following the announcement of Hakkasan Group and Grupo Vidanta’s new partnership in Los Cabos. Audiotek were brought on board to ensure the new venues carried the signature Las Vegas reputation in entertainment technology.

The strategic partnership has seen the Los Cabos resort become home to four new concepts, which highlight the best in entertainment, dining and lifestyle in one luxurious location. The new venues – all of which are open to resort guests, locals and visitors – include OMNIA Dayclub, Herringbone, SHOREbar and Casa Calavera.

Audiotek’s Technical Manager, Chris Kmiec, takes up the story: “From the relationship Audiotek have with Hakkasan Group through our work with them on OMNIA, Jewel, Hakkasan nightclubs in Las Vegas and OMNIA Dayclub in Bali, we were the obvious choice, really.

Overall, Audiotek were commissioned to consult on the new sound systems in the four new venue concepts, as well as the hotel lobby, sky lobby, valet area and hotel walkways. Plus, the team were also asked to assist with the new amplification and networked audio to other hotel areas, including the breakfast room, restaurant and spa.

Casa Calavera 1_Vidanta Los Cabos_Photo Cred TOMO

For the Omnia Dayclub, Audiotek used a top-of-the-range L-Acoustics audio system, which Chris explains in further detail: “The main PA we used was four hangs of L-Acoustics KIVA II loudspeakers – six boxes per hang – with two L-Acoustics SM15m subwoofers under each hang. We also used a main sub array cluster in the front of the DJ Booth, consisting of six SB28 subwoofers.

Elsewhere at the OMNIA Dayclub, six VIP cabanas had one L-Acoustics X8 loudspeaker each, with the VVIP two-story bungalows having an X8 on each level, too.

“As a feature of the venue, there are two large fan-style structures over the bar and VVIP Bungalows, so to fill in the main bar area and the VVIP private pools, 3 X8 loudspeakers were place on each of these structures,” Chris added. “Also, two SYVA loudspeakers – one on each fan structure – was placed facing the beach area to provide the beds the same experience.”

Adjoining the OMNIA Dayclub is the Casa Calavera restaurant, which shares the ambiance and energy of the venue, all while offering popular Mexican dishes and drinks. An L-Acoustics audio system was specified for new culinary concept from Hakkasan Group, too.

“For the main bar area, two further X12 loudspeakers were placed on the walls with three SB15 subwoofers used underneath the stage. In the main dining area, we chose eight 5XT loudspeakers and a further two on the outside table area. Along the entrance corridor, another four 5XT boxes were placed on the walls. The entire system is powered using two LA8 and ten LA4X amplifiers.

Vidanta Los Cabos Skywalk_Photo Cred TOMO

Audiotek also worked on the Herringbone restaurant. To enhance the atmosphere in the restaurant, 24 Tannoy AMS-8 loudspeakers were installed, along with eight Tannoy VX10BP subwoofers, all of which are powered by Lab.gruppen E Series amplifiers.

A Tannoy system was also specified by Audiotek for the SHOREbar, which is a casual, open-air pavilion offering hand-crafted cocktail and light bites with pool and ocean views. To provide the sound, six Tannoy VX8.2 loudspeakers, powered by Lab.gruppen E Series amplifiers, are used to great effect.


For the networking and processing side of the project, Audiotek turned to a QSC QSYS system, networked over a Luminex fibre backbone to smoothly transfer audio around and control around the site. The QSYS system allowed Audiotek to send audio from any venue to anywhere on the site – with simple, easy to use touchscreen control for the user. The advanced ability of the QSYS means that the system, in most cases, automatically switches between sources dependent on the day and which venue is running – meaning very little user input is required. Follwing the trend in Audioteks’ other recent installations, full remote support is available allowing changes and alterations to me made, whilst also ensuring the system is running optimally all the time.

All programming was done by Audiotek’s Rob Sherry, while the installation itself was completed by Mexican installers, Dextra Electronics.

The final word goes to James Algate, Senior Vice President at Hakkasan Group:

“With Audiotek having been Hakkasan’s A/V integrator for over a decade and following their successes with our other venues, they were the logical choice for this project.

“Following the grand opening weekend at the end of February, we are extremely pleased with the results the system delivered.”