JEWEL Nightclub is the Hakkasan Groups latest offering on the Las Vegas Strip, Located in the famous ARIA casino and resort. Audiotek designed and supplied a fantastic Lighting Sound and Video Package for this venue working alongside interior designer, Rockwell led by Shaun Sullivan, Frank Murray, Chris Kmiec, Mags Morton and Len Bolger at Audiotek, architect Shaun Yauch of BWA and Nevin Edwards from local integrators, NTA

Obviously, Omnia’s seven layered, four-storey high kinetic chandelier, which was designed specifically to be and has fulfilled its duty as the talking point, set a benchmark in club design, and with JEWEL, it wasn’t the intention to challenge that status quo. Rather to look at this as a new concept in design. We wanted to integrate the lighting and video elements into a cohesive unit, and the design of this started to come together thanks to Ayrton’s Dream Panel Twin, which was launched at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, earlier this year. Using both sides of the 54 Dream Panel Twin – installed in a grid formation behind the DJ – to construct a kinetic video wall. It was a new process with a product that was not available when the other clubs were designed, so the new technologies helped with the creative process.

The DJ wall is an array of Dream Panel Twin, which goes against the norm of a plain grid by the insertion of two parentheses, each comprising 11 Ayrton Magic Dots that reflect the central oculus feature, and is framed by two vertical columns of five Magic Dots spaced between the horizontal rows of Dream Panels. The dots are mounted on custom fabricated telescopic brackets to ensure the LED emitter is proud of the panel when the panels are flat. To have a panel combining 6mm Video and 64 high output LED Matrix Luminaires in one fixture was an dream come true for ambitious lighting designers – like us !

The Ceiling feature consists of a virtual coffer dome, which was constructed in concentric ovals rings highlighted by ROE Hybrid 15S LED tiles. Rockwell added a number of mirrored rings within the video structures to enhance the visual impact and maximise the output

This is a product which is unique on so many levels  A truly versatile creative tool With the custom shape and size – the individual brackets, the secondary high output module  within the centre of the tile, and the high quality of the LED and control electronics this is truly a stunning product – we could build a building within a building using these modules.  The rings descend into four corner pillars of video creating a canopy to define the space and add a kinetic and sculptural shape to the overall club – not just the dancefloor area. The ROE Hybrid 15S LED tiles were made into a custom size to be used on the bands of LED around the room. The bands were made from around 3,000 150mm square tiles, each of which has a 90W high power spotlight in the centre. This allows the bands around the room to be used in two ways, either as a series of pixel-mapped dots, or as a higher resolution display allowing the look  and ambience of the room to  change very quickly, another feature that is unique to Jewel.

We are big fans of the L-Acoustics brand and for our large-scale projects it is currently our most popular choice. We have a superb relationship with L-Acoustics and find their support and commitment to quality and design beyond reproach. The main system is based around two five-wide arrays of L-Acoustics ARCS II, placed either side of the DJ. The reason for such a wide array is due to the configuration of the room, which is much wider than it is deep, leading to a much more intimate experience for all of the seats and audience on the balcony. A standard stereo system was chosen, as the room lends itself to this set-up – a balcony surrounding the main dancefloor on all sides other than the DJ side of the room, with fills covering above and below the balcony easily time aligned to those sources either side of the DJ. The fills are a combination of L-Acoustics 12XTi and 8XTi cabinets, while low end for the entire system is provided by L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers. LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers from the manufacturer power the system.


Picture showing the stunning AbsenA103 staircase entry into the main club.