AudioTek have always made good sound a priority, and as the name suggests this is where the business started 25 years ago.

Since then, Audio has grown massively in technicality and performance with AudioTek always leading with the introduction of new technology into their installations.

Our expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive solution for Sound, Lighting and Visuals in any space commercial or residential,

We have completed projects worldwide from our bases in Dublin, London and Las Vegas, in all areas of work from corporate board rooms, live music venues and bars all the way to the Mega-Club lounges and late night entertainment venues that the AudioTek brand is so famous for.

Our specialist pubs and bars division, founded in the Irish bars of worldwide fame, operates throughout the UK and Ireland offering cost effective solutions for any size pub or bar for applications ranging from background music to Live productions.

In addition to design and installation; our close relationship and dealership/distribution status with many of the leading brands in professional audio and lighting make us a first choice for supply – Get in touch for a quotation on your current requirements.